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With(out) Her is inspired by Chilina Kennedy’s 2015 album of original music, "What You Find in a Bottle."


Featuring music and lyrics by Chilina Kennedy, a book co-written by Eric Holmes and Chilina Kennedy, and musical arrangements by Rick Fox, With(out) Her s being developed in New York City.


The show is produced by Eclipse Theatre Company  (Andrew Seok - Artistic Director) and is scheduled for a fully staged production in the near future.




Music and Lyrics by Chilina Kennedy

Arranged by Rick Fox 

Performed by Charlie Pollock, Morgan Weed, Michael Stiggers, and Jenn Colella

'Floating and Falling'

Music and Lyrics by Chilina Kennedy 

Arranged by Rick Fox

Performed by Jenn Colella

High .mp3With(out) Her
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Floating and Falling .mp3With(out) Her
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The musical is loosely based on Chilina's original album What You Find In A Bottle, arranged by Rick Fox, and produced by Chad Irschick. The presentation will be directed by Lorin Latarro (Into The Woods, Waitress) with musical direction and arrangements by Daniel Edmonds. Brian Spector will serve as Executive Producer. The presentation is invitation only.

When Olivia finds herself in the hospital with limited memory, she must dig through her messy past to figure out which of the loves of her life is best to call to get her, only to understand that her desire to make everyone happy has left no one happy. Through a series of realizations, she reclaims her right to be flawed, yet loving and be loved in all our human complexity. However, as she regains clarity, tragedy strikes, but that's when Olivia literally moves Heaven and Earth to reconnect with her greatest love - her son.

#flashback to the INCREDIBLY talented _m

Morgan Weed as Jessica and Jenn Colella as Olivia


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